Know the worst movement of Adele's career

It was january 20 when Adele was about to arrive at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

But he canceled going which was set to begin the next evening

And because the event was canceled some time back, thousands of people were angry with her 

And this thing became quite viral on twitter too

Fans also shared that they have spent more than $1,200 on airfare, hotel accommodations and tickets

The first few months were hard for Adele. She was very embarrassed

Giving a statement to his fans, she said

“I know for some of you it was a horrible decision on my part, and I will always be sorry for that, but I promise you it was the right one,”

She recently announced that her residency would start on Nov. 18 and run until March 25, 2023

In the announcement, note that people who have previously purchased tickets or were on a waiting list for initial stay dates will have priority in new ticket sales