Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get married again

They celebrated their wedding in Perry Lane Hotel in Savannah

The whirlwind event started on Saturday morning in which friends and families were involved

It is being told that a hotel staff entered the lobby and popped a champagne bottle

And when a wedding guest got a glass of champagne, he said that I am ready

Everyone is dressed in white with most women in white dresses and gowns

Some men are in white shorts and sneakers

Jay Shetty, the officiant, wore an off-white suit, bow tie and shiny leather off-white dress shoes

A source told ET that Ben and Jen remained calm, calm and collected through all

jen and ben were very kind to all the staff during the weekend and treated them with a lot of affection

All we can say is that they are quite comfortable and in love with each other as well as excited to enjoy their weekend together

And even after all this they are planning to celebrate their love with friends and families in a bigger way