TV reporter injured (6 broken ribs and a broken wrist) after going down the Bernie Brewer slide in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (AP) — David Vassegh thought it would be good for television to get on the Bernie Brewer slide before the Los Angeles Dodgers played in Milwaukee on Wednesday night.

It didn’t quite go according to plan.

The Dodgers’ radio and television reporter said he broke two bones in his right wrist and fractured six ribs when he fell and crashed into the padding at the bottom of his slide down “Bernie’s Chalet,” where the Dodgers’ mascot Brewers, Bernie Brewer, sets up behind the American Bleachers in left field at Family Field. Bernie celebrates Milwaukee home runs with trips down the giant white slide.

“From now on I’m going to learn not to do my own stunts,” Vassegh joked before the Dodgers’ game Thursday afternoon in Milwaukee.

Vassegh is the host of the “Dodger Talk” show that follows Dodger radio broadcasts and also periodically works as a reporter on the Los Angeles broadcasts. He was working on his television ability when he went down the slide twice about four hours before the Dodgers’ Wednesday night game.

The first time, they shot it at the top of the slide and everything went well. He then went back down, so he could get footage of him going down.

That’s when the problem occurred. Vassegh fell sideways and his right arm crashed into the padding.

“That time, it was much faster,” Vassegh said. “He was much more skilled the second time. That’s where it got a little out of hand at the end.”

Vassegh went to an urgent care center and returned to work in the fifth inning. Vassegh had his right arm in a cast as he conducted a postgame interview with Dodgers wide receiver Austin Barnes.

“That was for you,” Barnes told Vassegh after he homered in the Dodgers’ 2-1 win. “I know you had a little accident today on the slide, so we all rallied around you.”

Vassegh returned to work on Thursday, although he says he will probably need surgery when he gets home.

Bernie Brewer greeted him with flowers and a sign that read “0 days since last incident.” He also gave Vassegh a “Slide Instruction Manual” that said “It really isn’t that hard.” Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner sent out a tweet mocking Vassegh for the situation.

Vassegh said he has received more than 200 text messages from friends and players since he fell.

“It’s been a lot of support, and also comedy at the same time,” Vassegh said.

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