Trump weighs giving up claim of executive privilege for Bannon: report

Former President Trump is considering giving up his claims of executive privilege to allow his former senior adviser, Stephen Bannon, to testify before the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection. washington post reported on Friday.

Citing three sources familiar with the matter, the newspaper reported that Trump could send Bannon a letter indicating that the former president is willing to drop his claim if Bannon reaches an agreement with the committee to testify.

Bannon first received a Jan. 6 committee summons from the House in September, but was charged with contempt for refusing to appear.

The Department of Justice filed two charges against Bannon in November: one for refusing to testify and another for refusing to release related documents for panel review.

His trial is scheduled to start later this month, but he asked for a delay on the grounds that too much publicity would deny him a fair trial.

The Post reported that some advisers are urging Trump not to send the letter.

Trump has repeatedly asserted executive privilege to prevent current and former staff members from testifying.

A spokesman for Trump and an attorney for Bannon did not immediately return requests for comment from The Hill.

The report follows explosive testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, who provided comments about Trump’s temperament and knowledge of what was happening on Capitol Hill on January 6.

Hutchinson, who served as a senior adviser to former chief of staff Mark Meadows, claimed during public testimony in front of the January 6 panel that Trump lunged at the wheel of his truck and was told by the Secret Service that he couldn’t go to the Capitol. January 6th.

Some involved in the situation have disputed Hutchinson’s comments, although they have not testified publicly.

The next committee hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

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