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ERFOUD, MOROCCO / ACCESS CABLE / July 29, 2022 / Moroccan Media is a results-based digital marketing agency founded by Salah Eddine Hafidi, an expert in omnichannel marketing. Salah Hafidi points out that it is essential for companies to have an omnichannel digital marketing strategy to drive higher ROI and be successful in the marketplace. mail-pandemic online world.

The founder of Morocco Media advises that companies should have a broad online presence. They must offer their potential customers multiple channels to connect with the company and ultimately generate a higher return on investment. As a specialist in the field, Salah Hafidi advises businesses to constantly reassess their online strategies with a balanced approach, including targeting the top marketing channels that drive ROI, such as email, search engine optimization, and paid ads.

A Gartner Marketing research highlights that “by 2022, 50% of large organizations will not have been able to unify engagement channels, resulting in a disjointed and siled customer experience that lacks context.” Therefore, companies must prioritize omnichannel marketing strategy to get more customers and retain them at the same time.

“We have studied the difference between our eCommerce customers who used only one marketing channel (email) and those who used at least three channels within an omnichannel campaign. Our team found that omnichannel campaigns consistently outperformed single channel campaigns,” says Salah Hafidi.

Explaining the omnichannel strategy approach used at Morocco Media, the founder states that personalization has been key to the success of omnichannel marketing and has yet to be surpassed by any other marketing strategy at his agency. That’s because this strategy places customers at the center of every touchpoint, and brand messaging is tailored to strike a chord with customers’ needs.

Salah Hafidi further adds: “Omnichannel marketing involves identifying and aligning customer needs from the first step. It can be challenging and will require the use of KPIs directly related to business goals. Digital marketers must measure ROI, test multiple targets, and identify and use opportunities for improvement to achieve omnichannel success.”

About Moroccan media

Moroccan Media is an emerging brand in the digital space, offering complete internet market services like digital strategy creation, branding and design, web design and development, content creation, social media management, ad management and promotion. A brand built by passionate millennials, Morocco Media offers a fresh mix of ideas and a no-frills approach to setting a project on top. The company provides comprehensive services from planning to production, along with hands-off execution and visible positive results over time. The company specializes in creative production, omnichannel marketing, and customer acquisition.

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