Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: 'Toxic Masculinity' Should Be Top Military Requirement

Rep. marjorie taylor greene (R-Ga.) recently complained that “toxic masculinity” is “no longer accepted” in the military, saying he would have thought it would be a major entry requirement.

“They purged the military,” said the extremist deputy during an appearance on the “Dear America” podcast hosted by Graham Allen, a right-wing media personality and Army veteran.

“The warriors leave,” Allen said.

“Absolutely,” Greene added. “Why do they want to be there? They are going through awakening training. His toxic masculinity is not fully accepted, although what are the military for? I think toxic masculinity would be a number one requirement.”

“They should say, Are you a toxic man? Please register,’” he added.

The comments came as the two complained about COVID-19 vaccination policies in the military and law enforcement, and the low recruitment numbers for the Army and Navy this year.

Graham wondered if the outcome of the Uvalde, Texas, school massacre would have been different if “we hadn’t lost all of our warriors” due to COVID-19 vaccination policies.

“Now we have to ask the same question about our military,” he said.

Nearly 400 law enforcement officers were at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde as a lone teenager stormed inside classrooms for more than an hour, killing 19 children and two teachers. A report written by a Texas state House investigative committee found that the police response was “indifferent” and riddled with “systemic flaws.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.


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