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Access to a vast network of traveling professionals, centralized resources, events that keep you connected, and value are key to new offering

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESS CABLE / July 7, 2022 / remote yearthe leading provider of “work from anywhere” travel to more than 80 destinations worldwide, has evolved its offering focus on community building with the launch of the Remote Year Membership Platform.

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Membership includes a newly designed virtual center that serves as a single point store to connect, learn and share for remote workers. It is complemented by travel passes with savings and benefits that scale according to the frequency of travel. There are three membership levels available that range in investment from $19 up to an introductory $99 per month. All membership levels include:

Access to a new virtual platform, the RY Nation Center, to connect with the Remote Year community of professionals living, working and exploring the world, currently more than 4,000, ages 23-71, from all backgrounds. The platform includes resources such as destination guides, job boards, apartment rental boards, and 150 curated job and travel resource groups related to location, identity, interests, and career. It will also host digital series and workshops on topics relevant to traveling professionals, such as how to lead a remote team or manage finances on the go. RY Central Travel Market from which professionals can select trips of a month at a time or longer to more than 80 global destinations, with more than 200 local experiences and side trips ready. The market also includes services that make international travel easier, such as airport transfers, SIM cards, apartment cleaning, gym passes, language classes and COVID tests. Access to inspiring in-person experiences to foster both face-to-face and digital connections. , of informal local gatherings a global adventures scheduled for cultural events (think Oaxaca Day of the Dead) or with access to unique venues. The company will also offer RY Nation Festivals for the community to come together, intended to be held quarterly around the world in destinations such as Morocco, Greece, Brazil and Thailand.

Remote Year CEO Shaun Prime noted: “The new Membership offering, the RY Nation hub and our Travel Passes, are designed to address what we have learned from our customers: there is a strong demand for community building among the remote and hybrid workers as they seek to share experiences to combat the isolation that freelancing can create. Our travelers are professionals first and foremost, seeking flexibility and value in a work-from-anywhere experience, as are the companies that employ them, who are exploring recruiting and retention tools that will appeal to an evolving workforce. Ultimately, we see that remote and hybrid workers want to diversify their workplace, slow down and dig into a place where they can live and work at their own pace, so the Remote Year evolved experience answers that demand.” .

Catering to a variety of different travel paces, Remote Year now offers three tiered pricing membership options, which are also available for businesses purchase as a benefit for remote or hybrid employees:

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1. community membershipAt $19/month, it’s designed for the beginning worker anywhere interested in Remote Year’s curated resources, events, and community connections.

two. scout pass, at $49/month, it’s ideal for someone looking to travel one to three months out of the year, perhaps because they have a hybrid home, partner, or job that anchors them elsewhere.

Work and travel rates start at $2,050 per month, with over 80 inspiring destinations to choose from and include a private room in shared accommodation, 24/7 access to a workspace, locally designed experiences to make clients feel comfortable in a new city, personal local expert and more. Additional benefits include three-day early access to book new destinations and experiences before the public, plus various additional events and member benefits. discounts.

3. nomad Step, at an introductory rate of $99/month, it’s designed for the person who lives and works on the road all or much of the year, allowing them to travel for the cost of their rental.

The biggest advantage of the Nomad Pass is even lower work and travel rates, starting at $1,535 per month. Nomad Pass saves an additional 25% on a month’s travel with the Explorer Pass. Travelers can still choose from more than 80 destinations and all travel and work trips include the Remote Year program elements expected in the Explorer Pass. Additional benefits for this level include seven-day advance access to book new destinations and experiences before the public, plus several discounts and giveaways, including a free RY Nation Festival that brings Nomads together.

Prime added: “Today’s launch is a huge step forward for Remote Year. The three tiers of the Remote Year Membership Platform meet professionals where they are in life, whether they are curious and just beginning to explore the benefits of traveling while working, or lifestyle nomads looking to immerse themselves in new cultures.” .

Existing Remote Year customers will receive a Community Membership or Travel Pass as a gift based on their travel tier with the company.

About the Remote Year Work and Travel Experience

Travel experiences are available in one, four and 12 month durations, focusing on slow travel and productive work time for today’s remote or hybrid workforce. Travelers spend a month in each country they visit, and at the heart of Remote Year travel are five key elements:

Community: Professionals are placed in groups of 25-40 people, with opportunities to meet virtually ahead of time.

On-Site Support: City and community leaders are stationed at each location to greet professionals, guide them, and organize experiences for the group. They are supported by full-time local staff who are experts in the field.

Private Rooms, Shared Apartments – Professionals get the privacy they need in comfortable, modern shared apartments in a region’s best neighborhood, ideally located to explore.

One place to work: 24/7 access to beautiful workspaces with powerful Wi-Fi ensures remote professionals can get work done, whatever, whenever.

Experiences: Local staff are connected to the region and organize excursions for the group to help them explore like an expert.

For travelers ready to put work aside for a while and connect with new people, leisure programming is also available, such as the week Wellness Retreats.

About remote year

Remote Year is the world’s leading community-based travel platform that creates limitless, borderless opportunities for growth and change through remote work and immersive local experiences. Since 2015, Remote Year has facilitated life-changing programs in more than 80 destinations for more than 4,000 people. Remote Year believes in the transformative power of travel and empowers professionals – whether freelance, fully remote or hybrid – to unleash their human potential as they live, work, learn and grow in the world’s most inspiring destinations during trips ranging from one month to one year. Learn more at and connect on social channels @RemoteYear.

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