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SignalFire, UnityPoint, Northwell Holdings, Cedars Sinai Support Innovations in Documentation Automation to Improve Physician and Patient Care

THE ANGELS, July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Health Note, the preclinical intake automation platform that uses digital patient intake to prepare clinical notes for providers in advance of patient visits, today announces the closing of a $17 million Series A funding round led by SignalFire. SignalFire joins UnityPoint Health, Northwell Health Holdings, the for-profit arm of Northwell Health focused on investing in early-stage/growth opportunities, strategic partnerships, and cultivating internal innovations that drive improvements in patient care and create diversified revenue streams for the health system and Cedars Sinai Health Ventures.

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“Health Note is solving one of the biggest pain points in the healthcare system: the epidemic of physician burnout. Amid a structural shortage of physicians, it’s hard to imagine a higher leverage point for increasing panel sizes, eliminating bureaucracy, and maximizing productivity to free up more time and better outcomes for patients. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Josh, Aaron and the amazing team at Health Note,” he said. Wayne HuSignalFire partner.

Health Note will use the funds to accelerate market expansion, expand EHR integrations and invest in further R&D to create additional offerings for clinical support.

“Frontline healthcare workers need support more than ever, and we’re excited to have partnered with several great investors to help us help healthcare professionals,” said Health Note CEO and co-founder. Joshua Reicher, Doctor in medicine. “Health Note’s vision has always been to support care providers by enabling patients to create and interact with their health data before the visit begins, thereby reducing the ever-increasing documentation burden that frustrates the vast majority of patients. doctors and care teams. The additional funding will help Health Note replicate its early success with midsize practices and health systems at scale, which is sorely needed as our health system continues to operate with limited staff.”

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For the patient, using Health Note is like exchanging text messages with a friend: they receive a text message reminding them of their upcoming appointment with a confirmation link that initiates a “conversation” with the Health Note chatbot. The conversation develops from the patient’s responses; It is both interactive and intelligent, using complex clinical decision trees to ask questions a doctor would ask. Health data generated by patient responses is integrated directly into discrete fields, which means less manual documentation for the front desk and clinical staff and more informed conversations between patients and caregivers.

“Excellent patient care begins with excellent communication between provider and patient,” he said. james laur, vice president of intellectual property for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and managing director of Cedars-Sinai Health Ventures. “We invested in Health Note because we believe this technology and app can further strengthen our relationships between caregivers and patients and help us deliver the personalized medical experience that efficiently addresses individual patient concerns and circumstances.”

For the provider, use of the Health Note means business as usual, except that subjective clinical notes, which include information such as history of current illness, chief complaint, family, medical and social history, medication revisionand other related information is ready for revision directly into the EHR before the visit, rather than having to capture it while you’re with the patient and document it after hours.

“Health Note’s technology dramatically improves patient-provider interactions by reducing the immense administrative burden associated with admitting patients, a historically manual process,” said Dr. Jill Kalman, Senior Vice President, Medical Director and Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Northwell Health. “Automation allows physicians to focus more on their patients than on administrative tasks, thereby enhancing our ability to provide high-quality care.”

The ease of use and accessibility that drive Health Note means customers see an 85% completion rate from patients before the visit begins, leading to a 50% reduction in check-in times. Having historical clinical information readily available saves an additional 5-10 minutes per visit.

“Health Note’s leadership has a strong foundation in clinical care and knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem throughout its executive team, which is evident from its early success. Their platform is one of the most unique innovations we’ve come across, as it automates data entry at multiple points throughout the care process, from administration to physician. UnityPoint providers are the backbone of patient care, and we are pleased to support physician workflows through our investment with Health Note,” said UnityPoint Chief Innovation Officer Matthew Warrens. “The patient-centric approach to creating health records has proven successful with various demographics, and we’re excited to see Health Note benefiting other health systems like UnityPoint in the US.”

About Northwell Holdings
Northwell Holdings (“Holdings”), a wholly owned for-profit subsidiary of Northwell Health, creates value for the health system by investing in early-stage companies, establishing commercial joint ventures, nurturing internally developed ideas and bringing them to market. and advancing data partnerships that drive innovation in patient care, health diagnostics, and deep technology. We invest in companies that are aligned with Northwell’s mission, promote better health outcomes, improve the patient experience and increase efficiency in the delivery of care and services. Through strategic partnerships, Holdings leverages the healthcare system’s strong enterprise data assets to develop AI-enabled solutions that address healthcare inequalities. We combine Northwell Health’s healthcare and clinical business experience and entrepreneurial spirit to bring concepts to life. Northwell Health is New York larger health system. To know more, visit us here and follow us on LinkedIn.

About the health note
Health Note is the clinically intelligent digital pre-visit planning platform that transforms the patient experience and automates EHR clinical documentation for providers. Secure conversational text messages guide patients through pre-visit intake paperwork while capturing HPI and other clinically relevant information to optimize office front visits desk find. To learn more about how Health Note helps with millions of patient visits each year, visit

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