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PARSIQ Launches Industry Leading block chain and initially supported web3 data api EtherealPolygon, BNB Smart Chain and Avalanche

TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESS CABLE / 18 July 2022 / PARSIQ, a block chain SaaS infrastructure, has released the Tsunami API; the first product in the ambitious roadmap that will establish the PARSIQ Network as the reference infrastructure and data solution for Web3 applications.

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The Tsunami API is the core API of the PARSIQ network. Tsunami provides Web3 dApps and protocols access to the full spectrum of data on a given blockchain. Providing raw data, both real-time and historical, allows protocols and dApps to track any type of events, metrics, or statistics they need, such as TVL, liquidity, current and historical token prices, user balances, and plus.

One aspect that sets Tsunami API apart from its competitors is its ultra-fast query speed capable of querying over 33 billion blockchain events in less than 1 second. The Tsunami API will be free for teams to use and test until they reach a limit volume of API calls.

The PARSIQ team has spent the last 6 weeks in Alpha testing running intensive data queries for over 30 project teams.

“At FLUIDEFI, we have been looking for a faster and easier way to get accurate BNB Smart Chain data. PARSIQ’s Tsunami API exceeded our expectations. In our initial tests, our team was able to extract event data from different PancakeSwap DEX yield farming contracts more simply than extracting it directly from the blockchain and found it to be just as accurate. “

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Louis Sirico, COO/Technical Director of FLUIDEFI

“The experience/performance of the Tsunami API has been excellent for all the blockchains it supports. If you’re tracking contract event data, this is a solid option.”

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Following the release of the Tsunami API, the PARSIQ team will also support protocol-specific data with its Data Lakes. These will be specialized and custom lakes, dedicated to each individual decentralized application or DeFi protocol.

Data Lakes will extend the usefulness of the Tsunami API by providing more options for querying data. For example, a developer may need specific data related to, say, Uniswap or AAVE. With the support of PARSIQ Data Lakes, all real-time and historical data related to these protocols will be even more accessible.

Speaking about the launch of the Tsunami API, PARSIQ CEO Tom Tirman said:

“The PARSIQ Network roadmap and product suite was the result of years of learning from our customers, partners and the industry at large: this is a solution to critical issues that arose from different Web3 projects. It has been gratifying to see this become a reality with the Tsunami API. Feedback from our Alpha Testers has been a testament to and endorsement of the PARSIQ Network’s vision. We’ve also seen a lot of interest in data lakes. Not only will they be beneficial to the protocols themselves, but they will also open up worlds of data for external users, ultimately defining a new standard for the industry. We are very excited about the official launch of these products on the market, but for PARSIQ and our customers, this is just the beginning…”

For more information on the Tsunami API, data lakes, and the full PARSIQ network roadmap, visit


PARSIQ is a full suite data network for building the backend of all Web3 dApps and protocols. The Tsunami API provides blockchain protocols and their clients (for example, protocol-oriented dApps) with real-time data and historical data query capabilities.

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