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New book launch from up-and-coming author Molly Kendall!


The secret ingredient to fall in love

“There are things we can’t fix,” he repeats. “At least not on our own.”

“You’re not alone,” I whisper.

There are two things Sarah looks forward to in her senior year of high school: the cooking show she advocated for and graduating. She had a dream to follow: to help her famous parents run their renowned food truck business. Sarah is left home alone for long periods of time. She navigates her insecurities, her loneliness and offers with a childhood bully spending a lot of time in the kitchen perfecting it prescriptions.

Then there’s the new kid at school, Zander, who changes everything. Having lost his mother and bearing the burdens of his alcoholic and abusive father, he struggles to find his place in the world. While bonding over a love of movies and working on a school project, Sarah and Zander fall for each other. But will their love be powerful enough to conquer their individual fears?

Who doesn’t like a sweet love story? The secret ingredient to falling in love is a novel full of romance, vivid storytelling, and humorous characters; all while dealing with issues of bullying and self-acceptance. A touching story of the shy girl who finds her strength through the troubled boy in a beautiful love story. Together creating an unstoppable bond that they both didn’t even realize they needed. A young woman who has been openly shy finds the interest of not one, but two young men. Feeling like you’re right there with her as she navigates choosing between two boys, she ends up finding strength in the company of a young man facing her own trials and tribulations. Losing her mother and having to deal alone with her abusive, alcoholic father turned out to be an emotional feat she could not have overcome without HER.

Molly Kendall began her publishing journey in February 2021 when she published her first novel, Saving Ariel, through Rebel Queen Books. Now, having also worked with the company for three years, Molly is excited to share her latest novel with the world. Molly strives to make waves with her writing style by shedding light on tough topics in easy-to-read narrative, unsweetened settings, and lovable characters you can cheer on all the way. Molly began her writing career at the age of thirteen, she started writing on a free platform called Wattpad and got over 4.5 million views on her first novel. Since then, she has been writing every spare moment she has, hoping to reach the goal of five published novels by the age of twenty-five. When she’s not writing, she handcrafts candles that match each character in her stories. accommodation book signings in downtown PA, or curled up at home with her huge To Be Read stack.

You can find Molly’s books available on Amazon, her website, and online at nearby bookstores. All books are available in paperback, hardcover, and eBook options.

Don’t miss Molly Kendall’s first novel, Saving Ariel: You can’t move forward into your future if you keep living in the past…

Ariel Matthew enjoys escaping to the worlds and adventures of his favorite books, but he can’t escape his past, no matter how hard he tries to put it out of his mind. Haunted by a traumatic event, Ella Ariel struggles to find peace from her memories of what happened. When Axel Stone walks into the little cafe store where he works, his world changes forever and he begins to believe that happiness might be possible. But neither is ready for the devastation that comes when their past returns with a vengeance.

Do you want a little mystery? This is the book for you. Ariel’s journey is long, but this book shows how she incredibly overcomes the darkness of her past with the help of her friends and family, and her God-sent boyfriend. Packed with gripping suspense, cute characters, and jaw-dropping plot twists; Saving Ariel will capture your attention from start to finish.

You can contact Molly through:
[email protected]

Facebook: Author Molly K.

Instagram: author_molly_k

Wattpad: Word_Addict_5976

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