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DAVIE, FL / ACCESS CABLE / July 31, 2022 / Mercury Auto Transporta Florida-based provider of auto transport services, announced its new analytics tools to help customers and providers make informed decisions using data showing past claims and transactions.

New tool provided by Mercury Auto Transport gives stakeholders access to key business metrics, such as the number of cars waiting to be shipped across the US, total demand in a specific region, and shared volume in any given area . Founder and CEO Matthew Sandomir says he has been manually monitoring and capturing industry data for the past three years.

Mercury Auto Transport is confident that this new tool will enable people to gain specific insights that were previously invisible. The tool shows how many cars are waiting to be shipped to the US at any given time, the percentage change in demand from recent weeks, and requests by region.

According to Sandomir, the figures will allow transport providers and brokers to see patterns in customer behavior and prepare for peak seasons. The insights could help them extract actionable insights from the data and streamline or improve their operations, which could help them increase revenue or improve their customer service.

“We started tracking about three years ago and what we did was every Friday for three years, we would go to different national freight boards specifically for auto transport to get information and then manually record it all in a spreadsheet,” recalls Sandomir. . Although his recording methods may have become obsolete, they became the springboard for him and his company to expose critical information that was previously inaccessible to anyone.

It was only recently that Sandomir and his team were able to visually encapsulate all the figures into an easily understandable dashboard. “Obviously I don’t know how to write SQL or any of this code, so I did all of this in a spreadsheet. With this tool and all the graphs and charts, I could show it to people so they understand what I’m talking about,” says Sandomir.

“Our agents have been looking at my excel and pdf images of this information for years. Every time I don’t present the problem to them on time, they come to me because they want to know what’s going on. So, I know it’s good internally,” says Sandomir.

He explains that the tool also allows him and any team member to see any imbalances. For example, demand to and from the Northeast area shows more than 2,400 vehicles for shipment to the Southeast and more than 800 cars awaiting shipment from the Southeast to the Northeast. This implies an imbalance where 75% of the traffic goes all to the south.

Sandomir says that this data gives people information about demand, supply and prices. “It gives us an idea that it is much more difficult to find a driver that goes south because the demand is very high, so people will have to wait. Now, if you are waiting to ship from the south and north, you can easily find such a driver. It’s going to be cheap because they’re going to come back half empty anyway. So, this tool gives us a little idea of ​​that type of supply and demand from one region to another”, explains Sandomir.

Since Sandomir entered the auto transport industry in the early 2000s, no comprehensive tool has enabled suppliers, brokers and customers to gain insight like the analytics tool that Sandomir and his team have developed.

“I would challenge anyone to get on and off, and there is nothing like this for car transport. And I know because I had to go through hell to make this happen. The odds that someone else has gone through, what I did to do this first, they need to see this two or three years from now because there’s a lot of data collection involved,” says Sandomir.

Mercury Auto Transport You may have been using the same type of data for the last three years, but putting the information into an easily understandable dashboard will certainly propel the company to new heights.

Sandomir says that he intends to make the information freely available on the company’s website without registration or registration. He expects the tool to be available within the next two weeks.

About Mercury Auto Transport

Founded in 2007 by Matthew Sandomir, Mercury Auto Transport has become an authority in the auto shipping industry. The company’s headquarters are in Davie, Florida, but most of its team operates around the world. The company is known for its transparency and innovative solutions. Since 2018, the company has grown 25% year over year.


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