Insurance executive's $12 million purchase of Lincoln Park mansion marks Chicago's fourth most expensive single-family home sale

Endotronix, a digital health and medical technology company, plans to move its headquarters to an 80,000-square-foot office in Naperville from its current location in Lisle.

The company, which makes a device intended to help patients and doctors screen for worsening heart failure at home, has signed a lease for a facility at 1415 Diehl Road in Naperville. The facility is now under construction to meet the needs of Endotronix, including a clean room, administrative and manufacturing space.

The first phase of construction is scheduled to wrap up early next year. The company expects to expand its workforce by another 30 to 50 people as it launches a new product and relocates its headquarters.

“Naperville offers an ideal location to plant our roots, offering a skilled workforce, affordable quality of life for our employees, desirable proximity to Chicago and a strong sense of community,” said Harry Rowland, CEO of Endotronix, in a statement. Press release.

The company makes the Cordella heart failure system, which is designed for early detection of worsening heart failure by allowing doctors to monitor patients from home and then administer their medications to keep them out of the hospital. The company is also working on an implantable wireless pulmonary artery pressure sensor to provide even earlier data to be used as part of the system. That sensor has not yet been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, but the company anticipates releasing it once it gets premarket approval.

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