Luria touts new evidence and witnesses ahead of highly anticipated Jan. 6 hearing

On Sunday, Rep. Elaine Luria livened up this week’s Jan. 6 select committee hearing, touting new witnesses who are expected to further illustrate former President Donald Trump’s role in last year’s deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill.

“There are other witnesses that we have spoken with who have not yet appeared at our previous hearings who will add a lot of value and information to the events of that critical moment on Jan. 6,” Luria (D-Va.) said on the CNN show. “. State of the Union.”

Luria, a member of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, said Thursday’s panel, in its eighth and last scheduled public hearing, will incorporate testimony from Trump White House counsel Pat Cipollone. , among others whom he did not name. Trump White House deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews is also expected to testify on Thursday.

Luria said Sunday that there would be people included in the hearing whose testimony has not been presented at this time.

“I will tell you that the people who were in the White House, the people who were close to the president, and also the people who had knowledge of the actions that were going on in the variety of ways that they were trying to control the violence and stop what was going on in the Capitol,” Luria said.

The committee will use the new witnesses to connect the dots of Trump’s whereabouts and actions on Jan. 6, 2021, when a mob of supporters for the then president stormed the Capitol in an attempt to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 elections. In its public hearings, the panel has relied heavily on witness testimony and visual evidence, including photos, videos and social media posts, to illustrate Trump’s role in instigating the unrest.

Luria said the panel at Thursday’s hearing would review “minute by minute” the time frame of what Trump was doing during the insurrection.

“He didn’t act. He had a duty to act. So, we’ll go into that in a lot of detail,” he said. “And from that, we will build on the information that we provided in the previous hearings.”

The Virginia Democrat also said the committee will “get to the bottom” of whether the Secret Service deleted the Jan. 6 text messages amid reports that the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general discovered missing texts. The committee on Friday summoned the secret service following the revelation.

“An agency that was such a key part of a critical event in our history, one would assume that they had gone to great lengths to preserve those records, analyze them to determine what kinds of things went right or wrong that day in their practices and procedures,” Luria said. “And we are looking into this. That is why we are citing them.”

Although Thursday’s event is the last scheduled hearing, Luria said the investigation was intensifying and this would not be the last hearing the public would hear from the committee. He said the panel receives new information every day that it will relay to the public, either in the form of hearings or “other methods of presenting evidence.”

“We have a responsibility to present the things that we have discovered,” he said. “And we’re talking about how the best way to do that is to move forward after this hearing.”

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