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FARMINGTON, ME / ACCESS CABLE / July 25, 2022 / Enter any convenience Store or supermarket today and you’ll find countless energy drink options. Each has the ability to help you work harder, keep your mind sharper, and have a better overall experience. In the race to compete in a crowded market, energy drink manufacturers continue to push the limits, adding more and more to their formulations with the promise of outperforming the competition.

However, what they add (caffeine, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners) can have harmful effects with prolonged consumption.

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At JOCKO FUEL, they have taken a different path, creating the world’s first energy drink made exclusively with healthy, all-natural ingredients. the JOCKO GO energy drink Not only does it help consumers stay alert and focused, it does so without the harmful additives found in other popular beverages.

JOCKO GO Energy Drink is the brainchild of Brian Littlefield, the head of product development and the man behind each of the brand’s unique supplement lines.

“We all know what kind of path leads to a healthier, more fulfilling life: eating right, getting enough sleep, managing our stress, and enjoying healthy relationships,” explains Littlefield. “Our goal is to create clean, healthy products that help keep you on that path, so we had to course-correct what the rest of the industry was doing.”

JOCKO GO energy drink was the result of nearly a year of development, carefully refining its formulation and production process to ensure the drink included only healthy, natural ingredients, without harsh chemicals or artificial additives. His commitment to developing a clean energy drink led Littlefield to make several unexpected but critical decisions.

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The first was in direct opposition to typical energy drinks: instead of adding more caffeine, Littlefield intentionally limited it to 95mg (xx% less than most/main competition). Instead, he combined the caffeine with other natural ingredients like Alpha GPC, which increases focus, and L-Theanine, which reduces stress and eliminates the “jitters” that excessive caffeine consumption can cause.

Instead of adding harmful preservatives to keep the drink in the shelving time, Littlefield and his team again chose the healthier route and chose to pasteurize the JOCKO GO energy drink. This temperature-based system is common in the dairy industry and requires more production time, but Littlefield felt it was a better alternative to additives. Finally, to enhance the sweetness of the flavor, the JOCKO GO energy drink uses monk fruit extract, a natural ingredient 100 times sweeter than sugar and other artificial sweeteners, to keep the drink low in calories and carbohydrates.

“Everything wrong with energy drinks — tons of sugar, too much caffeine, chemical preservatives, artificial colors — none of that is in our drink,” says Littlefield. “And we pull nutraceutical ingredients from the supplement world that have been shown to increase focus, clarity, mood, memory and all the things we want from an energy drink but don’t normally get.”

Despite the success of their initial release, Littlefield and the team are relentless in their pursuit of perfection. In August, they will relaunch JOCKO GO Energy Drink with new and improved flavors, something Littlefield is excited to share with the world.

“We upgraded our flavors and will be ready to relaunch in August, and we did it in a healthy way,” says Littlefield. “For tastes, I would give it a 10 out of 10.”


JOCKO FUEL offers clean energy and nutrition supplements designed to help people build muscle, improve strength and performance, boost cognitive function, and get more out of each day. For more information, visit

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Phone number: 1-888-858-1416
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