Kinzinger: Jan 6 Inquiry 'Not Calming Down' and 'Will Open Eyes' on Trump's Inaction

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill is “not slowing down” and is only nearing the end of a batch of hearings, which this week will “open people’s eyes in a big way” on former president Donald Trump. adam kinzinger (R-Illinois) said Sunday.

“We continue to receive new people every day with information willing to go on the record. So it’s been amazing how, since these hearings started, the amount of information that we’re getting has rapidly accelerated,” she said in an interview with CBS News’s “Face the Nation.”

The committee will hold its eighth hearing Thursday night, focusing on Trump’s actions in the hours after he rallied supporters to march on Capitol Hill.

“The reality is, I’ll give you a head start, the president didn’t do much more than gleefully watch television during this period of time,” Kinzinger said.

This had been talked about being the last public hearing though Kinzinger said he expects additional hearings after this week, depending on what new information is uncovered. He also anticipates one or two more hearings after the committee’s final report comes out.

The committee is also discussing whether to subpoena former Vice President Mike Pence, which Kinzinger said he personally doesn’t think is necessary.

“I’m not sure we’ll get much more out of him than his staff has already told us,” he said while sharing that the committee is more focused on whether to interview Trump, not that Kinzinger thinks they’ll get the truth out of him.

“Donald Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t mind not telling the truth, let’s put it softly. He lies all the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lied even under oath. So I’m not sure what the value is there,” he said.

The committee has said it will disband 30 days after publishing its final report, which will detail its findings, conclusions and recommendations for corrective action.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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