KIDDIO launches online classes based on soft skills for children

Teaching foundational soft skills alongside academic core concepts, KIDDIO helps kids 3 to 9 year olds become future ready

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESS CABLE / July 4, 2022 / In a world more anxious than ever, when the public education system turned out to be unprepared for the challenge of the pandemic, LITTLE BOY suggests real-time online enrichment solutions for preschool and elementary age children, designed specifically for the virtual environment with an emphasis on a child’s social and psychological well-being. Held in small groups of up to 6 students, KIDDIO classes combine teamwork and the benefits of an individualized teaching approach. The curriculum framework focuses on character building, higher order thinking, and the development of interpersonal skills, as well as providing a creative perspective on subject knowledge, both for academic success and for life.

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KIDDIO was created by a team of educators, specializing in early learning, social emotional learning, cultural studies, Art teaching, Art therapy and education for special needs. In 2022, after more than 2 years of intensive work on the development of comprehensive curricula, a variety of online programs were launched. Each course combines the best practices of virtual learning along with the latest educational trends, such as mindfulness and brief learning.

Preschool Basic Program (ages 3-5)

Covering all the major pre-K concepts through fun games, songs, crafts, and assignments, this preschool program instills hard and soft skills needed to prepare a child for kindergarten. Phonics, speaking and writing skills, reading comprehension, math, and general basics along with good manners, listening skills, emotional awareness, and basics of empathy, public speaking, confidence-building, and basics of self-control – all of these and many other goals are included.

Kindergarten Basic Program (ages 5-7)

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Empowering and motivating, this program meets the needs of kindergarten and first grade:

all domains of English language arts, problem solving, geometry basics, calendar, time, measurement, science and social studies concepts, self-reflection and self-management, communication and collaboration skills, character development, concentration, and the memory. An active learning approach forms a strong grade-level foundation with no gaps in knowledge or skills

Social and emotional skills (ages 3-9)

In this program, students explore practices and theories of soft skills development through instructional talk, open-ended questions, and reference demonstration. Students participate in role-playing games, discussions, memory and imagination training, as well as learning mindset exercises and emotional regulation techniques. Student-centered collaborative experiences help build a positive self-concept and improve emotional intelligence, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Arts and Crafts (ages 3-9)

Based on the timeline of art history, this program presents kids to art periods, movements, and great artists at age-appropriate levels. Students learn the fundamentals of art-making processes while completing easy-to-understand projects planned around the theme of each lesson. Along with expanding cultural and social perspectives of the world, students increase their confidence, self-reliance, creativity, analytical thinking, and artistic empowerment.

“We create quality online learning to enrich the school or preschool experience and make life easier for parents. Our flexible classes in every way require minimal parental involvement and can be implemented into each learning routine. Therefore, KIDDIO allows for a smoother transition to a hybrid educational model, which is becoming more and more prevalent today. Unlike instructional change, the representation of social skills classes in the school system does not change as quickly and does not keep up with demand. Our mission is to give kids accessible soft skills development opportunities for greater chances of success even in the most uncertain conditions,” said Andrew Grechkin, CEO and founder of KIDDIO.

KIDDIO classes provide continuous online learning for kids from 3 to 9 years old, all classes are taught in English. Each program’s schedule includes two 30-minute classes per week. Students can join the learning process throughout the year, as new groups start regularly.


KIDDIO is an online learning service, offering preschool and elementary enrichment based on soft skills. KIDDIO learning programs are great for building critical social, emotional, and creative skills in the comfort of home, increasing the proportion of quality screen time, and introducing children to blended learning.

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