Jayson from Lauren Boebert's 'Jacka**Husband' allegedly ran over neighbor's mailbox



neighbors of Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) called 911 twice on August 4 demanding that the sheriff respond to their neighborhood where they said the GOP lawmaker’s husband, Jayson, had run over a mailbox and was threatening them.

In two calls to 911 obtained by the denver mail, a neighbor can be heard yelling at Jayson as he tries to explain the situation to the dispatcher, saying, “It’s Lauren Boebert’s idiot husband Jayson. He is running over my mailbox right now”

“Stop, idiot! Get out of here,” the neighbor is heard yelling at another person, who is presumably Jayson. “Come on man. What are you doing? What did we do wrong?”

“There’s about to be some shit in here,” he told the dispatcher after she redirected him to talk to her.

Both 911 callers said the incident began when Boebert’s son was racing down their residential street in a Razor Dune Buggy. When neighbors asked him to slow down, he reportedly told them, “Fuck off.”

“It’s the Boeberts, if you know who the Boeberts are,” a woman told the dispatcher. I need the sheriff here.

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Another person can be heard saying in the background, “Our wonderful congresswoman.”

“He’s just speeding from one side of the road to the other, all over the place, just across his property,” he told the 911 dispatcher. “He’s going like 50 miles an hour and this is a residential lane, there are kids. We tried to stop him and he just cursed at us and left.”

Later, the neighbor who yelled at Jayson said the man came running down the street in his truck yelling that someone was trying to hit his son, which the neighbor said no one did.

“This guy is dumb as a post, but this guy is so irrational,” the neighbor said. “He just got chest to chest, face to face, looking to fight.”

When asked if anyone had any guns, the neighbor scoffed and said, “I’m sure it’s loaded to the hilt.”

“Do you know who his wife is? Lauren Boebert. She is loaded. They all have guns,” she told the dispatcher. “I don’t know if anyone has a gun on them.”

The dispatcher also asked if anyone was drunk, to which the neighbor replied, “Jayson is probably drunk. You could probably catch him for a DUI, he just drove here.”

Attempts to contact Jayson Boebert for comment were unsuccessful.

Although the dispatcher dispatched officers to the scene, the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office ultimately decided to let the neighbors settle the dispute, saying they all “agreed to settle it as neighbors. No fees. No other action.”

When faced with 911 calls with evidence of possible drunk driving, speeding, property destruction and threats to harm others, the sheriff’s office kept quiet about the incident.

The leader of the American Muckrakers political action committee then decided to take matters into his own hands and asked Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, the local district attorney and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to investigate the Boeberts’ relationship with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office.

“This was clearly a serious situation as there were two 911 calls, five officers, and at least four families involved,” the PAC chief wrote in an email requesting the investigation.

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