Jan. 6 panel expects to receive text messages from Secret Service by Tuesday, Lofgren says

Washington – The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on Capitol Hill expects the Secret Service to turn over the text messages the panel called for by Tuesday, committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren said Sunday.

The committee issued the citation last Friday after the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general told lawmakers that the Secret Service had deleted text messages on Jan. 5-6, 2021. DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari said the messages were deleted after his office requested them, and the Secret Service claimed some phone data was inadvertently deleted as part of a migration. of the previously planned system.

In a statement, a Secret Service spokesman said the agency “confirmed to the OIG that none of the texts it was seeking had been lost in migration.” In ABC’s “This Week” Lofgren said the committee expects to receive the relevant messages “by Tuesday.”

“Well, you can imagine how surprised we were when we received the letter from the inspector general saying that he had been trying to get this information and that it had, in fact, been removed after he requested it,” Lofgren told ABC. “We got a report from the inspector general for Homeland Security. And then there was a statement made by the department spokesperson saying that it wasn’t true, it wasn’t fair, and there was actually relevant text, and come on, fine, if you have it.” We need them. And we hope to receive them by this Tuesday. So we’ll see.”

The California Democrat said the committee needs “all the text messages from January 5 and 6” and that she was “shocked” to hear the Secret Service didn’t back up data before resetting iPhones from the agency, calling him “crazy”.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican member of the committee, said lawmakers “don’t know” if the Secret Service still has the deleted messages stored somewhere, but said they “need to follow up on all leads on this.”

“Or we get those things, if we end up getting the texts, then obviously for some reason the IG didn’t, now you have what you have,” Kinzinger. he said Sunday on “Face the Nation.” “If we don’t, he’ll call the Secret Service saying they had these texts and they don’t. So, you know. Is this a big deal? We’re not sure.”

Based on Lofgren’s schedule, the panel should have the texts in time for its next hearing this Thursday. Kinzinger said the hearing “will open people’s eyes in a big way” and said the committee will expose what former President Donald Trump was doing as his supporters stormed the Capitol.

“I can’t necessarily say that we can explain the motives behind every piece of information we know about, but this will open people’s eyes in a big way,” Kinzinger said. said. “I’ll give you a heads-up, the president didn’t do much more than gleefully watch television during this period of time.”

The panel’s next and possibly last hearing is at 8 pm ET on Thursday.

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