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BOSTON, MA / ACCESS CABLE / August 5, 2022 / HireBu announces a new way for businesses to find and manage marketers online.

The process of finding competent, trustworthy freelancers and making them productive can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming, as clients often have to move from one software platform to another, with critical information lost in between. HireBu has solved this problem by creating an online marketplace combined with dedicated workflow management software for marketers that can hire, align and manage freelancers all in one place.

HireBu’s extensive provider network is the result of three years of searching and vetting thousands of people, selecting the most responsive, skilled and knowledgeable freelancers who are already trained in industry best practices.

As a digital marketing presence becomes increasingly important, finding an online marketer becomes an integral part of any business. While more agencies and marketing professionals are expanding their services and shifting to hybrid or full-time freelance setups, demand for quality talent far outstrips supply, leaving smaller companies struggling and often at a loss. when it comes to finding providers they can trust. in.

HireBu is a streamlined talent marketplace, communication portal, task manager and strategy builder all in one, powered by a vast network of pre-vetted freelancers from around the world. offering Hundreds of skill sets to suit all digital marketing needs.

HireBu addresses this challenge with powerful features built into its platform, such as a messaging feature capable of private and group chats to facilitate smoother communication. Each client also has a comprehensive profile page with built-in strategy building tools to make onboarding easy, while ensuring all work stays aligned with the brand’s identity, message, strategy and goals.

Whether it’s a direct product or a multi-channel marketing plan, HireBu was built with intuitive use in mind. Users can easily find vendor-specific skill sets ranging from graphic artists to digital ad specialists and everything in between, and use their task management tools to stay on top of meetings, tasks, and deadlines.

With HireBu as a scalable turnkey solution, brands, agencies, and individuals can take their digital marketing initiatives to the next level. For reliable, efficient and effective freelance talent, brands no longer need to ask the question “Hire Whooo?”

HireBu! To join the platform or learn more about its features, visit the website at

About HireBU

HireBu is a powerful platform that aims to connect brands and businesses with the exceptional freelance talent they need to grow their business. With access to the world’s top rated freelancers, already trained in industry best practices, HireBu enables clients to align, strategize, communicate and execute turnkey digital marketing initiatives all in one place. with the ability to become productive immediately. when joining.


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