Fox News now claims it's no big deal to have the nuclear codes



The five Co-host Will Cain tried a relatively new tactic Monday to characterize what former President Donald Trump might have done to justify the FBI’s decision. Mar-a-Lago Raid. Whatever Trump’s mistake, Cain said, “had better be egregious” and “more than the nuclear codes.”

Triumph is under investigation for alleged rape the Espionage Act and two other laws related to mishandling federal records and obstructing an investigation by falsifying documents, according to court documents unsealed last Friday. The FBI search of Trump’s residence referred to nuclear weapons, washington post reported the previous day

Cain, echoing other right wing commentatorsHe called the investigation a “fishing expedition.”

“It’s not really about declassified materials or classified materials. It’s not even really about the Espionage Act, which by the way, can and does include in the statute, very minor offenses such as not delivering information to the National Archives. It’s not that you’re a super spy with the nuclear codes, it’s just that you didn’t comply with the National Archives. It’s not about any of that,” Cain said.

“It’s a blank slate that allows the Justice Department to come up with something, anything, to disqualify Donald Trump from running for president, whether it’s to disqualify him in a long drawn-out legal case that ends up in the Supreme Court or just in court. American public opinion. mind,” the Fox News host continued.

“And if that’s the case…it had better be atrocious. It had better be more than the nuclear codes, which, let’s face it, change when the administration changes. It had better be atrocious,” Cain said, repeating a topic of conversation he had delivered before on day.

co-host dana perino seemed to agree. “They change regularly,” she chimed in. Last Thursday, however, Perino said he doubted there were documents “except for the nuclear codes” in Trump’s possession that could justify the Mar-a-Lago raid.

On Monday, George W. Bush’s former press secretary distanced herself from his earlier comments, saying they were made in jest.

“I was joking the day I said that about the nuclear codes,” Perino said. “It’s not like you write them on a piece of paper.”

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