Fox News' bizarre response to Trump Raid Judge's death threats



Fox News Roundtable Show Hosts The five were dismissive of reports that threats have been made against the federal judge in Florida who approved the search warrant which resulted in the FBI raid Former President Donald Trump’s home in Palm Beach.

After Monday’s raid, the right extremists have threatened the judge in online posts, with some sharing what appears to be home addresses, phone numbers and names of family members. Consequently, the profile of the judge It was removed from the court’s website. The commentators on the right like it The five‘s Jesse Watters has also worked to link the judge to Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted sex offender, as the judge was at one point a defense attorney for Epstein’s pilots and a programmer.

When Jessica Tarlov, The fiveThe center-left resident co-host of , pointed out the threats against the judge, some of which were anti-Semitic, the topic was immediately changed to threats against Supreme Court justices.

“This judge, by the way, who made a donation to President Obama and Jeb Bush, now had to remove his information from the Internet,” Tarlov summarized. “He and his family have been threatened.”

“So have the judges of the Supreme Court,” Judge Jeanine Pirro filed, likely referring to the backlash against the conservative wing of the court after he overturned Roe vs. Wade.

Tarlov responded that she was “shocked” given Pirro’s stint as a judge in New York in the early 1990s. She then took aim at her other colleagues as well.

“All I hear at this table, by the way, is that only Democrats are crazy, unhinged violent guys. We have evidence that this happened in one day, that this man has to hide,” Tarlov said, after which Pirro let out an exasperated sigh.

Later in the segment, co-host greg gutfeld addressed the threats briefly before oddly suggesting the press is turning them into a story to get past the “real injustice” of the raid.

“I think as legitimate as those threats may be, you’re seeing the pivot of, ‘It’s not about the raid; it’s about the attack from the right,’” Gutfeld said. “This always happens when something [like this] happens ‘The right is now jumping!’ That’s his way of walking away from real injustice.”

Since news of the raid broke Monday night, several Fox hosts and guests they’ve been making complaint after complaint about his alleged injustice. An unsubstantiated narrative has also been perpetuated by the likes of Watters, Trump’s lawyers, and Trump himself that the FBI possibly planted evidence.

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