The Celero Open Finance Platform allows the complete visualization of the entrepreneur’s profile with automatic classification of information

CURITIBA, Brazil, July 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As implementation advances open finances (open financial system model) in Brazil, competition in the banking and finance segment will be increasingly tight. This combination, very much besides being beneficial for customers, proves that a service offer must be more than complete: it must be personalized. As a consequence, in addition to the expansion of two means of payments and customized operations within the platforms that we have been creating, the growth projection of operations opens the way to consolidate fintech preparing to act in any segment.

A financial technology Celero is the best example of his profile, a fact confirmed with the celebration of an important partnership with a Visa not offering a BFM solution (Corporate Financial Management – ​​Gestão Financeira Empresarial, in Portuguese) 100% customizable White label, It allows the partner (be they banks, creditors, or other financial institutions) to offer a complete financial management solution for their legal person client, and within the solution they will be able to offer customized products according to the information that they will have access to. O BFM is constituted by the delivery of two main products: o product for the end customer of the partner, o Radar, which is an insights platform for its own partner.

Unpublished, a solution from Celero has differences that bring benefits both for financial institutions, as well as for clients of these institutions. For legal entities, the main advantage is the possibility of using a fully integrated financial management system Internet banking, enriching an activity that is present in the routine of the manager. This technology, based on artificial intelligence, identifies where each CNPJ has accounts to receive and pay; meetings as informações; crosses and analyzes the data and, as well, allows a complete and complex management experience carried out in an extremely simplified way, so that entrepreneurs can dedicate themselves more to their business – leaving technology to support it in the financial administration of the company.

For the banks and other financial institutions that adhere to the solution, the possibility of anticipating better offers of credit, products and services, in addition to improving the approach with this public form used and efficient, is one of the main attractions. Therefore, the range of possibilities is much broader.

In general terms, Celero’s system is the only one capable of, on a single platform, adding an infinity of data and using them to feed a collection of fundamental information for strategic decisions and, still, execute all the operational actions of the financial institution together aos seus clients (companies). Ou seja, it is not a system that gathers raw data: through the automatic classification of information, it transforms each die into relevant information for a financial institution“, explains João Augusto Betenheuzer, CFO da Celero.

With these differences, the Celero system offers banks, for example, a secure system to validate a credit offer, generate increased competitiveness, increase customer retention to the maximum and, mainly, benefit from the principality of the financial institution. “Being the main bank of a legal person is fundamental. It is common for a company to have accounts in different banks and use different services in each of them. With Celero’s solutions, the financial institution concentrates on its own platform all PJ operations, including those of other banks, and also opens up the possibility of being offered targeted products according to the needs of each one.“, emphasizes João Augusto.

It is an unprecedented and exclusive tool that makes it simple to routine the financial management of the business, to predict the inflow and outflow of resources and, through it, the user can monitor if he is not on the way to reach the financial target.

Our goal is to help companies act strategically to make better decisions, achieve better results and generate income and employment in their areas. It is a common objective for Celero and its investors: to contribute to healthy management and to strengthen two businesses, transforming the project from fazer to financial management and, with isso, saving thousands of companies, only in Brazil“, says João Tosin, CEO of Celero.

Celero Solidity

The fintech success solution is based on a solid experience that began in 2014, which permanently shows its results and places Celero on a select list of promising fintechs.

Prova disso foi or contribution received from Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Brazil (HBSAAB), organization of Brazilian ex-students of harvard that supports companies with high growth potential, such as Honey Island Capital, an investment vehicle created by the founding partners of EBANX, or the first unicórnio da região Sul do Brasil.

Celero advances solidly in its niche. No innovative scenario of Open Finance integrates systems and offers complete and personalized solutions to an outstanding segment. Assim to financial management for how companies can rise to another leg and further promote businesses to the institutions that adhere to the system. Celero is afraid of innovation, not its DNA“, affirms Wagner Ruiz, one of the breeders of Honey Island Capital and co-founder of EBANX.

“Within our business strategy, we are expanding our network to build the necessary connections with different players. For isso, we began to offer value-added services for the entire financial ecosystem, in addition to offering payment credentials and security solutions, such as the case of the tool developed by Celero. This partnership still represents an important advance for Visa, because it marks our evolution in the concept of Open Banking in Brazil”bill Julian Manriqueexecutive director of Visa do Brasil Solutions.

Fintechs lead the attraction of investments

Either the financial niche continues to lead or the ranking of investments in startups in Brazil, rising, just in the first half of this year, $1.36 billion (of a total of $2.92 bilhões), second most recent Inside Venture Capital, produced by the Distrito innovation platform. Nesse universe of investments, gain space, therefore, those companies that manage to check efficiency and customization of operations without leaving security aside, and that have capacity, competition and pioneering use or maximum of the possibilities that Open Finance offers to create innovative and exclusive solutions.

About a Celero

Celero was born, grew and remains committed to the continuous improvement of its processes, which aim to facilitate the day-to-day financing of the companies that make up its portfolio. A financial technology stands as an exponent open finance, offers security in the market and customization of two processes through an exclusive platform, which simplifies the rotation of the financial management of companies and offers a business vision for all those involved in the information base. Know as solutions they

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