Dr. Oz has the weirdest explanation for why no one is donating to his campaign

dr Mehmed OzA Republican candidate for the US Senate in his adopted state of Pennsylvania, he admits his campaign has had trouble raising money, saying it’s because Democrats are “smart” while Republicans mow the lawn.

Oz spoke with Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Monday, who pointed out the wide disparity in fundraising between him and his opponent, the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania. John Fetterman.

According to a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Fetterman has outscored Oz nine to one, $9.9 million to Oz’s $1.1 million. And while Oz also lent $2.2 million to his campaign, Fetterman has five times as much cash on hand.

When asked why, Oz replied:

“The Democrats have very cleverly taken all of these issues that came up over the summer — the Dodd decision, the gun concerns — and used them as excuses to raise money from Democratic loyalists. Interestingly, when Republicans get mad, we go out and mow the lawn. Democrats, when they get mad, they donate money to their party.”

Oz then urged everyone to donate to him while stating that he doesn’t need a lot of money anyway because he’s the best candidate:

Fetterman has been offending Oz for the fact that he has lived in New Jersey until very recently, even voting in the Garden State in 2020, by politician. He also painted Oz as a wealthy celebrity who isn’t in contact with Pennsylvanians every day, with a video showing several of the mansions that Oz owns worldwide.

But Oz told Ingraham that he is the real populist in the race.

“He’s not a real populist, he’s a fake populist,” Oz said, “I’ve spent my whole life, you know, working. My parents were immigrants, understanding the importance of dedicating my life to service. As a heart surgeon, I have invented devices. As you know, I have been very active in many efforts to make America a better and healthier place.”

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