Colorado Solar Leader Lessar Energy Launches Campaign to Provide Solar Power to Nigeria

Glendale, CO, July 29, 2022 (WORLD NEWS CABLE) — minor energya Denver-based company that specializes in residential solar and home energy efficiency improvements, is launching an ambitious campaign that gives its domestic customers the opportunity to make a free but valuable contribution to help improve energy infrastructure in Nigeria.

Specifically, minor energy It is promising that for every solar package purchased by an American customer, will donate a set of solar panels to power a house in Nigeria. Clients will not have to pay anything, but they will have the knowledge that they helped in a noble project.

“Providing and giving back to those who don’t have easy access to the basic resources that we have here in America is truly amazing,” said company president Trent Lessar. “Our customers in the United States can enjoy the wonderful benefits of reliable, affordable and clean energy that solar power provides, and we want to return the favor by helping those less fortunate.”

Solar power is an affordable and environmentally friendly clean energy source that harnesses the sun’s natural energy to generate electricity. The solar industry has seen significant growth in the United States and beyond in recent years, and the deployment of more solar panels can help countries ensure uninterrupted access to electricity.

According to a recent survey, 79 percent of Nigerians get less than 10 hours of constant power supply throughout the day. Infrastructure problems and other problems are to blame, but the expansion of solar energy in the country could provide an important solution.

“Being able to have a regular supply of electricity means that people can work and perform daily tasks without the risk of constant power outages,” Lessar said. “Our initiative gives a whole new meaning and purpose to our work and our efforts to expand the use of solar energy.”

Founded in January 2019, minor energy has installed solar panels on more than 200 homes in the Denver metro area and is rapidly expanding to serve Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

It’s an ideal time for anyone interested in residential solar to consider adding renewable energy sources to their home. Inflation is causing electricity bills to skyrocket by more than 30 percent in some parts of Colorado, but solar power can help homeowners by providing a reliable supply of energy that reduces the need for expensive electricity from the net.

New government tax incentives provide an average credit of $9,880 to install rooftop solar panels, another top financial reason to install solar panels. “These programs are designed to be seamless and cost no money out of pocket for qualifying homeowners,” says Lessar.

In addition to solar installation, the company offers energy-efficient home improvements such as attic insulation and solar-powered attic fans, among other services. The company works closely with each client to identify their energy needs and ideal budget. After which, they develop an energy efficiency plan that will help them save money on their energy bills.

“Our systems and processes are also set up to install projects very quickly. Our culture is to provide a world-class customer service experience. We discuss each potential project with homeowners to help them save money,” says Lessar. “We’re honest and proud of it: If we can’t find a way to save you money, we’ll tell you and not work with you.”

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