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Chicago-based WellNow Urgent Care has acquired Physicians Immediate Care, a move that will increase the company’s number of locations to more than 180 in six states.

The deal closed on July 1 and financial terms were not publicly disclosed, WellNow spokeswoman Annie Keller said.

WellNow opened its first New York location in 2012 and had 128 locations, including more than a half-dozen in Illinois, before the recent acquisition. WellNow is part of TAG: The Aspen Group, too based in chicago — which is known for its Aspen dental centers.

Physicians Immediate Care has 55 locations in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

There are no plans to change the names of the immediate care centers at this time, but WellNow will evaluate that next year, Keller said.

WellNow and The Aspen Group have been growing rapidly in recent years. The new acquisition is the latest in a series of deals for WellNow, which acquired MASH Urgent Care in 2018, Hometown Urgent Care & Occupational Health in 2020 and Primary Urgent Care in 2022.

In recent years, the urgent care industry has been booming, with the centers attracting patients by offering longer hours than most traditional medical practices, walk-ins, and lower costs than going to the office. emergency room. There were 9,279 urgent care centers in the US as of 2019, up from 6,400 in 2014, according to the Urgent Care Association.

WellNow competes with other urgent care center chains as well as larger traditional health systems that have also expanded its urgent care offerings to attract patients seeking immediate and more convenient care.

The Aspen Group now supports more than 1,200 independently owned practices in 45 states through Aspen Dental, ClearChoice, WellNow and ChapterSM. Under its Aspen Dental model, the dentists own the practices, but the company handles administrative and training services, and the practices are branded Aspen Dental.

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