Champion Health, Part of the Physitrack Group, Launches Integrated Care Pathways in a Premium Product

LONDON, UK / ACCESS CABLE / 04 July 2022 / Physitrack (STO:PTRK)

Champion Health, part of the Physitrack Group, today announces the launch of care pathways integrated into its Premium employee wellness product, beginning with musculoskeletal care for prevention, mail-acute and chronic conditions in the UK market. The new care pathways, delivered through Physitrack’s Access ecosystem, are seamlessly integrated into Champion’s user journey starting today and are expected to significantly accelerate revenue potential in their SaaS. offering.

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Henrik Molin, CEO and co-founder of the Physitrack group, comments:
“I am deeply impressed with how smoothly this first phase of integrating our Access ecosystem into Champion has progressed over the last two months, and how quickly we have gone to market through Champion subscription packages. It’s a true testament to the drive and ambition of our closely collaborating teams, and I can’t wait for what’s next for us with the Access integration.

Champion with Integrated Access Ecosystem is the most ambitious and potentially lucrative SaaS development project the Group has undertaken since its inception, creating a single holistic wellness product for everything an employee needs to be healthier, more happier and more productive, while keeping the employer up to date. accelerate with the health of their employees through actionable and anonymous data.”

Harry Bliss, CEO and co-founder of Champion, comments:
“This is another exciting step in our journey to elevate the well-being of the world and an important milestone for Champion, our team and our customers. Being able not only to inform and educate our employee users on the state of their emotional and physical well-being with world-class content and unique data, but also to have the ability to consult and intervene through an integrated escalation to virtual care and practice. it will make a big difference to the well-being of a large number of employees.

Access to musculoskeletal care is the first of several avenues of integrated care and enhancements that we will bring to our users over time, and I am very excited about the coming months of close collaboration with Physitrack’s care subsidiaries in the access ecosystem at rapid expansion”.

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Additional Access integration to follow
The musculoskeletal pathways launching today in Champion are the first step in Access’s ecosystem integration journey, which will eventually take a holistic, human-driven approach. offering of prevention and intervention services in physical and emotional well-being, available by subscription to corporate clients in key markets.

Expanding Champion’s Corporate Wellness Offering
The acquisition of Champion by the Physitrack Group, announced in May 2022, opened the possibility for Champion to enhance its holistic wellness with Physitrack’s virtual first care offerings delivered through the Access ecosystem, while also establishing a strong position business in corporate welfare. market. The global digital health market is projected to be a $222 billion market by 2026, according to Facts & Factors Research.[1]

Through the integration of Care into Champion, new avenues for growth in SaaS with significant revenue potential are opened up, and the Group’s expansion in the UK, Nordics, Germany and the US is substantially accelerated.

Learn more about Champion’s enhanced product offering:

Inquiries about this announcement should be directed to:
Adam Nilsson, Investor and Media Contact, Physitrack:
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About Physitrack PLC
Physitrack PLC, founded in 2012, is a global provider of digital healthcare, focused on the B2B wellness and virtual first care markets. With staff on four continents, clients in 17 time zones, and end users in 187 countries, Physitrack is a truly global company.

The company has two lines of business:

Software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based software platform primarily tailored to physical therapy and musculoskeletal care, enabling practitioners to perform at-home clinical exercises, educational prescription, outcome tracking, triage, and telehealth. Physitrack and Champion Health technology platforms and wellness professionals based in the UK, Germany and the Nordics.

Physitrack PLC is headquartered in London, UK, and is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market (PTRK).

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About Champion
Champion Health Ltd is a UK-based provider of an all-in-one holistic corporate wellness platform that links proactive, interactive content with practical, virtual consultations for all areas of wellness (including mindfulness and self-development content, wellness action, live sessions, prescriptionssleep stories, healthy habit tracking, soundscapes, leadership training, and an academy for personal growth content), in a sleek platform and app perfect for employees to use anywhere, anytime.

Champion has a vision to be a world leading digital solution for health in the workplace. To date, it has focused on companies with more than 500 employees and plans to expand to self-service and B2C SMEs in the medium term.

The platform boasts a data-driven approach with high usage and a seamless user interface inspired by the world leaders in SaaS, as well as a host of unique features, setting it apart from other wellness technology providers.

Champion has a growing network of experts (including clinical psychologists, dieticians, behavioral scientists, burnout leaders, behavior change specialists, nutritionists, clinical leaders, and champion ambassadors, including Olympic and Paralympic athletes) who help provide content technical, clinical and inspiring related to wellness.

Learn more at and watch promotional videos of its innovative platform at (1.02 minutes) and (1.29 minutes)

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[1] Facts and Factors Research (2021),

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Champion Health, Part of Physitrack Group, Launches Integrated Care Pathways in Premium Products

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