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HONG KONG / ACCESS CABLE / August 3, 2022 / CAR Inc. On July 20, Chnbrand, a China-based brand rating and consulting agency, released the 2022 China Customer Satisfaction Index (C-CSI). With a comprehensive score of 82.3, CAR Inc. (“CAR”) ranked first in customer satisfaction in China’s car rental chain industry. DJIDyson, Gree, Huawei,, PICC and other service companies topped their categories.

C-CSI is the first comprehensive customer satisfaction evaluation system implemented by Chnbrand. It is one of the most reliable customer satisfaction evaluation systems for Chinese consumers and companies to represent the degree of satisfaction of Chinese consumers with products or services by calculating the weighted average of three indicators: general satisfaction, factor satisfaction (image brand, service and product) and customer loyalty. The C-CSI survey area covered 100 cities in China, and respondents were randomly sampled based on gender, age, and income. With a total sample size of over 2.78 million, the survey spanned 178 sub-sectors, involving 10,748 major brands.

Since its establishment in 2007, CAR has continuously cultivated the brand’s competitiveness in fleet structure, network footprint and service experience, laying a solid foundation for the brand’s high-level customer satisfaction.

A customer-centric approach to improving the user experience

Currently, CAR has about 110,000 vehicles, most of which support self-service, and more than half of them are new and used cars. CAR’s fleet covers major car brands such as Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota, Buick and Volvo, as well as many new energy models, such as Volkswagen ID.4X, Volkswagen ID.4 CROZZ, Xpeng G3. CAR has also enriched its luxury car portfolio with Audi, Mercedes and Maserati, which meet the needs of different users in a variety of car use scenarios. offering users with more comfortable and quality driving experiences.

Since 2021, CAR has opened more than 700 service locations in 82 new cities, covering national transportation hubs, central business districts and popular scenic spots. By weaving a nationally connected network of car rental services, CAR provides a strong foundation for users’ long-distance transportation and car rental services upon arrival, as well as local car rental services in major business districts, transportation hubs, and suburbs. CAR currently has 3,500 service locations across the country, providing consumers with a high degree of convenience and meeting their car rental needs anytime, anywhere.

Chnbrand’s report shared an observation that several brands have emerged from the COVID-19 period, thanks to their adaptability and innovation in meeting changing user needs and expanding their product and service offerings. In the COVID-19 era, CAR maintains users’ loyalty by introducing new products such as rental passes, which is the first user pass product in China’s car rental industry, and various packages. of personalized products for travelers, and cross-industry brand cooperation for diversity. service capacity. In terms of member care, the company has established a strong rewards program for users by upgrading the membership scheme with additional benefits for members, such as redemption of rewards and birthday gifts, etc., to further consolidate the company’s long-term pursuit of user satisfaction.

A client-centric approach to protect the interests of users

Meeting the needs of customers is the most basic qualification of a company in the new era. To gain consumer trust and enhance brand loyalty in a highly competitive marketplace, increased brand communication and shared value, including brand behavior and attitude, are also crucial.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, CAR’s pioneering contactless self-service helps minimize human contact and improve rider safety. In addition, in order to reduce the inconvenience caused by travel plan change related to epidemic control measures, CAR has formulated and implemented an epidemic care policy to prioritize the interests of customers. If the service area is classified as a medium or high risk area, customers may change or cancel their reservations free of charge, or lose rental costs. This policy has significantly alleviated customers’ travel concerns and reinforced the company’s responsibility as a leading service provider in the industry.

Going forward, CAR will continue to prioritize customer needs and maintain its customer-centric business approach to provide consumers with safer, more convenient and more cost-effective travel solutions.

About CAR Inc.

CAR Inc is a leading provider of automobile mobility in China, offering vehicle rental and fleet rental services to individual and corporate clients. CAR Inc’s best-in-class service has made it the most recognized and trusted brand in the auto industry in China. CAR Inc’s mission is to improve the quality of life through innovation as it builds the largest new generation of car-sharing mega-platforms in China.

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