Bongino derails Fox News segment on Trump to complain about Hillary and Hunter Biden

via FoxNews

via FoxNews

Fox News host Dan Bongino had a cartoonish reaction to the search warrant that was opened on Friday in connection with the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago earlier this week, alleging that Attorney General Merrick Garland “wants to set the Republic on fire.” The bombastic right-wing personality also couldn’t help but mention Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden when The five co-host Jessica Tarlov criticized him for calling Garland an “idiot”.

“Every Trump talking point has blown up in his face,” Tarlov began, citing the former president’s false claim:discredited by the National Archives—that former President Barack Obama mishandled classified documents upon leaving office.

Trump’s predecessor showed “respect for the law in the way things are done,” Tarlov said. “It’s too mind-bogglingly arrogant,” he continued, “to sit here and say, ‘I know exactly what’s going on,’ and call the attorney general of the United States of America a ‘loser’; I think that’s the word you used.”

Bongo, who has been bent out of shape Since the raid on Trump’s house in Florida, he weighed in and confirmed that’s what he thought of Garland: “Oh, he’s a real loser. A real loser. A real loser.

“Great, Dan,” Tarlov replied. “I know losers in my life and Merrick Garland is certainly not a loser.”

From there, Bongino launched into a rant about Hunter Biden: “I can tell you what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop: real photos of him with prostitutes smoking crack,” and then about Hillary Clinton. At this point, Tarlov wryly noted the moment when The five had been on the air: “9 minutes on: Hillary Clinton.”

“I sat there and listened to you,” said a frustrated Tarlov, who clearly wanted to stay on topic. “So let me finish.”

“The point here is that the former president has no respect for the rule of law and has shown it time and time again. He called Brad Raffensperger and said, ‘Find me 11,853 votes.’ when he didn’t like it what was happening in Georgia,” Tarlov said.

“I wanted to stop the count in Arizona and continue it in Pennsylvania,” he continued. “We saw what happened on January 6, where he wanted Mike Pence to decertify an American election. All of you at home: I wanted your votes not to count. That’s how little respect he has for him.”

Investigators are looking into whether Trump violated the Espionage Act and illegally kept “top secret” documents after his term expired, according to the court order unsealed Friday.

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