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OAKLAND, CA / ACCESS CABLE / August 4, 2022 / basic analysisan AI and data analytics platform for CPG manufacturers, today announced significant business growth in Q2 2022 with new revenue growth of 329% in Q2 2021, more than doubling the number of team members and the release of three new product updates and features.

The company’s strong second-quarter performance, the largest in company history, reflected in second-quarter new revenue growth three times year-over-year, underscores the growing demand for insights into CPG sales data. and data harmonization in an uncertain economy.

“The CPG industry is facing increased competitive pressures and market uncertainty. Our customers are seeing unmatched competitive advantages by leveraging technology to win at retail, gain market share, optimize their prices and enable their staff to make better, faster decisions,” said Will Salcido, CEO of Bedrock Analytics. “We are proud to be at the forefront of making CPG sales analytics more accessible through automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and world-class product design.”

As a leader in CPG data analysis, Bedrock Platform enables users to quickly and effortlessly harmonize massive data sets to create insightful visualizations and help brands tell compelling sales stories through their raw data. As the volume of data available to CPG continues to increase, being able to quickly synthesize nuanced categories, markets, and product groups to form cohesive sales stories will become more challenging for CPG analysts and sales teams, without the use of technology. .

Bedrock now powers one of the world’s five largest food manufacturers, with operations in more than 60 countries and 150,000 employees, proving that even the largest organizations are under pressure to equip their sales, marketing, executives and analytics with the tools to drive sales growth and connectivity in their organizations. Shareholders are demanding that their management teams leverage technology to increase margins, capabilities and productivity across their organizations.

Bedrock has also reported substantial growth in company size, with more than 228% growth in the number of team members. The majority of this new talent will be focused on customer and sales success, providing the highest level of support to help CPG brands extract more insights based on retail data and industry trends.

“Growing at these rates is a whirlwind that most people find challenging. We have found the most talented people from around the world to join us as we move at the speed of light to enable our customers to punch their weight in retail,” says Salcido. “In such a competitive talent market and uncertain economy, many technology companies are experiencing downsizing and high turnover rates. I think the growth of our business is a testament not only to our software and product, but also to the culture and company we are building alongside it.”

Bedrock Analytics also recently released three major platform updates to help CPGs gain an edge over their competitors.

Bedrock Storyboards – designed to help CPGs tell the most compelling sales stories. Through guided presentations and automated visualizations, users can now drag and drop analysis slides to tell better sales stories.dynamic dashboard – Users can now customize their personal dashboards to see the information and metrics that matter most to them, on one screen.Extended Promotion Comparison – this visualization allows customers to compare your product or brand across different promotional metrics to see how you stack up against competitors in various categories.

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Bedrock is an AI-powered data analytics company focused on enabling CPG business marketers to increase revenue by delivering insightful stories. Supporting more than 170 product categories for industry-leading brands, Bedrock is one of the fastest growing companies in its segment. Tell your best story at

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