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OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL / ACCESS CABLE / July 27, 2022 / Anthony Pellegrino is one of the founders of Goldstone Financial Group (, an investment adviser registered with the SEC. He is a fiduciary and holds a Series 65 securities license and a license from the Illinois Department of Insurance. Anthony co-hosts the “Securing your financial future™” TV program that airs on CBS on Sunday mornings after “Face the Nation.” Mr. Pellegrino has appeared in Kiplinger many times, offering advice on financial planning and retirement plans. In a recent article, he writes about tactical asset management. Anthony discusses the pros and cons of a “to buy and hold” compared to tactical asset management, especially in light of the increasingly globalized and interconnected nature of contemporary equity markets.

As Anthony Pellegrino states in his article, “Many investment professionals, including Warren Buffett, advise investors to to buy and have a diversified portfolio of stocks …and hold on and hold on. But maybe it’s time to try tactical asset management instead.” Mr. Pellegrino explains some of the complexities of modern equity markets: “Markets have changed; we are in a global economy. When something happens abroad, Brexit for example, or debt or Values changes in Greece or China, we feel it here. It may not make sense to buy and hold certain investments for the long term, possibly riding them as they go down. if you have stocks that seem to have run their course, why not remove some of the chips from the table and take some of the winnings while you can? Sure, there are exceptions, but sometimes if you hang on to a winner for too long, he can turn into a loser.”

Anthony Pellegrino then explains what it means to take a more active approach with tactical asset management. “The tactical asset management strategy is 100% based on math. Use short-term and long-term averages to display the market, and when the two averages cross, it is a signal to get defensive or bullish. Money managers use technical analysis to take a backseat to cash when statistical market indicators look bleak and to buy back when their market indicators improve. Timing the market is never a sure thing, and investors who try to do it blindly can get burned if they let their emotions rule their decisions. However, tactical asset management removes the emotional side of the market and focuses on the technical and fundamental aspects. That analytical approach can potentially eliminate riding a bull market for too long.”

Mr. Pellegrino advises readers: “Find someone to help you take care of your money with you. Look for a financial advisor who meets a fiduciary standard, who is legally and ethically bound to put your interests first.”

About Anthony Pellegrino, Founder of Goldstone Financial Group

Anthony Pellegrino of Goldstone Financial Group has dedicated his practice to not only helping people plan for their financial futures, but also standing by them as a partner in achieving their goals. He creates financial programs that aim to provide regular and predictable profits despite market changes and risks. He achieves this by prioritizing the demands of his clientele. Anthony Pellegrino, as a fiduciary, has a legal obligation to prioritize the needs of his clients over his own and is held to a higher ethical standard than non-fiduciary advisors.

Anthony Pellegrino was named one of America’s Top 10 Advisors in 2013 and ranked in the top 1% of all safe money specialists in the country. He has also been recognized as a Five Star Wealth Manager by Chicago Magazine twice, based on customer and peer votes. This is a consumer-based financial services award presented to wealth managers in the Chicago area who received the highest overall client satisfaction scores. Pellegrino’s growing popularity led him to share a stage with former President George W. Bush at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington, DC He considers himself lucky to be considered a financial expert in the Chicago area. Anthony Pellegrino has passed the Series 65 securities exam and is a representative of investment advisers. He also has an Illinois insurance license.

Anthony Pellegrino and Goldstone Financial Group have helped more than 1,500 clients close the pay gap in retirement by using accounts with lifetime earnings features to guarantee earnings and provide a paycheck for life. Pellegrino also provides professional asset management services across a wide range of actively managed accounts and assets. On Sunday mornings, Anthony Pellegrino can be seen on CBS co-hosting the TV display “Securing Your Financial Future.” The show previously aired on radio station WLS 890AM for five years, where it was considered one of Chicago’s most listened-to financial and economic talk shows*. In his spare time and in his work at Goldstone Financial Group, Anthony Pellegrino enjoys spending time in the Elmhurst community with his wife and his three kids. He is passionate about supporting the US military and is an active supporter and supporter of the USO and Operation Support Our Troops.

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