Alabama Republican group apologizes after posting KKK images on its Facebook page

A local Republican group in Alabama has removed its Facebook page after claiming it accidentally posted racist images on Tuesday. The post sparked outrage from local voters as well as state leaders.

The Lawrence Country Republican Party shared the image, which featured the Republican National Committee’s elephant logo and the figures of three hooded Klansmen between their legs, in an ad that named the new county chairman, Shannon Terry.

The image, created by illustrator Woody Harrington, was originally used in a mother jones article titled, “The Republican Party Is Racist and Soulless. Just Ask This Veteran GOP Strategist.”

Harrington shared the image on Instagram Wednesday, with the caption: “2 years ago I created this image for a piece in [Mother Jones] about the hidden hatred, bigotry, and racism within Trump’s Republican Party. It has now come to my attention that the Elephant of Hate has been given a new life (without permission or credit, of course).”

Terry apologized for the group’s Facebook post.

“A Google search image of a Republican elephant was used and later found to have hidden images that do not represent the views or beliefs of the Lawrence County Republican Party,” he wrote. “As president, I take full responsibility for the mistake.”

According to the CBS News affiliate WHERETerry is a member of the Lawrence County School Board and has said he will not resign from his position.

state representative anthony daniels — a Democrat who represents Alabama’s 53rd district and is the the youngest and the first Leader of the African-American minority of the Alabama House of Representatives — tweeted“Shame on the Lawrence County Republican Party for this disgusting image.”

The group’s Facebook page, which had been active since 2009, was removed at 6 p.m. EDT Thursday.

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